Surveillance Countermeasure Equipment You Can Buy

You could manually search your office for potential bugs if you suspect that someone might be listening in on your conversations. However, its more effective to rely on one of several bug sweeping tools that are on the market. Relying both on your own equipment and on surveillance countermeasure services is the best way to avoid being spied on.

Standalone Devices

Some bug detectors come in the form of a simple wand that can be used to sweep an area to find bugs more easily. These are designed to detect signals that are sent by hidden cameras. There are other bug detectors that are designed to detect specific types of bugs. For example, there are detectors that are designed to look for GPS tracking devices.

Bug Sweeping Kits

If you're willing to go more in-depth and cover all of your bases, you may need a countermeasure kit. This comes in a case that comes with everything you need to detect surveillance measures and detect who is responsible for surveillance activities. These types of kits can be necessary because modern bugs are designed to evade scanners and you'll need to use multiple methods to locate and remove bugs. There isn't a single device that can perform all bug sweeping tasks. 

Metal Detectors

A small and simple metal detector can be less expensive than other countermeasures, but is only effective against surveillance measures that contain metal and may lead to false positives.

Audio Jammers

In addition to detecting bugging attempts, there are measures you can take to make it more difficult for bugging attempts to be successful in the first place. Audio jammers can produce white noise so that audio listening devices are not able to record them. This can be useful when holding a meeting if you are concerned about the room being bugged. Some devices even use headphones so that no one can hear, other than those wearing the headphones, which is useful for meetings where sensitive information is being discussed. 

Surveillance Countermeasure Services

Even better than relying on bug sweeping tools is to turn to technical surveillance countermeasure services. A technical counter surveillance service will come with all the equipment that is necessary to perform an effective bug sweep. Finding bugs is not simply about having the right technology, but is also about knowing how to use it effectively and having other tactics that can be used for identifying and removing bugs. 

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