Monitoring Your Security System Through Your Smart Phone

Rapidly changing technology is changing the way people can monitor the safety and health of their homes. Security companies now have the ability to install monitors and detectors that will alert you on your smart phone when someone has entered your home, or when smoke or a fire is detected inside the home. Here is how a security company can set up a monitoring system you can access on your smart phone.

A security monitoring system you can access by your smart phone will come in three parts:

  • Control Panel
  • Monitoring Devices
  • Security Service Connection

Control Panel

The control panel serves a couple of functions. You'll use it turn the system on and off, and you'll also use it to transmit signals from the monitoring devices to your smart phone. A security company will look for a central location in your home where it can easily receive the signals from all the monitors that have been placed throughout the house. The location will also need an electrical socket nearby for the panel.

The important thing is placing the control panel in a place where it doesn't get affected by electrical and ultraviolet waves. Waves from common household items like a kitchen microwave or electric stove, or from ultraviolet rays from the sun shining through a window and heating up a room, can cause the control panel to pick up and send false readings to the security monitoring company and your smart phone.

Monitoring Devices

Several kinds of monitoring devices can be installed in your home. You can set up cameras to show what's going on, you can install detectors to alert you to movements, smoke, and fire, or you can install monitors that have multiple options.

Cameras are place in strategic spots around the home where they will capture the fullest view of the rooms or sections of the house in the area in which they were installed. The camera system is typically alerted to uncommon movements through the use of motion detectors placed in the immediate area. The motion detectors can be adjusted to account for the movement of pets to prevent the triggering of any alarms. Smoke and heat detectors will be placed at high center points on the ceilings around the house where smoke and heat will build the fastest.

Security Service Connection

There are several ways your security monitoring company can access the feed coming from the control panel in your home. They can use a wireless, broadband, or an old-style landline connection that were used with traditional phones.

The company will provide you with an app you will download on your smart phone. You will have to use a user name and a password to access the information transmitted by the security monitoring company. The app will typically allow you access to all the monitors and detectors in your home.

For more information, contact Polo Security Services Security Company or a similar organization.

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