Handling Large Amounts Of Cash Within Your Business

If your business is one that deals with high-ticket items or massive quantities of sales, security is a large concern. In order to keep your profits protected, some measures should be taken when handling cash within the establishment and when it is to be transported to an off-site location. Here are some security measures you can incorporate within your business to protect large sums of money.

Keep A Safe On The Property

Have a locking safe available to house cash in a room away from the main showroom or cash register area of your establishment. This should be locked with a combination only managers have access to. When a large sale is made, or when cash registers reach a predetermined collection amount, have a manager transfer the large sum into the safe to be kept away from the public eye.

Have Plenty Of Surveillance

In a business dealing with large amounts of money, cameras are a necessity. Place surveillance cameras both inside and outside your building to help keep robberies from easily occurring. Some cameras should be in sight so potential thieves are aware of their presence, possibly stopping them from trying to conduct a break-in during off hours. Hide additional cameras in unobtrusive areas as well to help keep an eye on all parts of the room. 

A surveillance team can keep an eye on activity on monitors hooked up to the surveillance system. If something seems off, they can alert police or go out into the main area of the business to get a closer look at the potential perpetrator's movements.

Hire An Armoured Car Service

Having someone bring your cash to the bank is extremely risky if precautions are not taken. If a thief knows the schedule of the person in charge of money transport, they may be at risk of being robbed on their way to make a deposit. Hiring an armoured car service to take care of the transport of cash as well as the depositing of it into an account will take away the fear one may have in doing it themselves. 

Trained professional drivers will come to your establishment to collect the monetary sum. They work in pairs so there is always someone with the cash watching for any potential theft risk while the other person drives. They have firearms on their person so they can protect your cash with each step they take into the bank to make your deposit. They are liable for your cash if there was a robbery, ensuring you will not lose your profit if something did go wrong.

If you're interested in boosting security at your business, see RVS Security or other security companies in your area.

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