The Small Business Benefits Of Hiring A Security Guard

In business it is important to protect your inventory and premises. There are many different ways to go about keeping your areas secure like hiring an in-house employee, only using a security system, and relying solely on passcodes. The truth is that all options fail in comparison to hiring a security company because you just can't get the same results any other way. Here are three benefits to hiring a security guard for your small business.

1. Save Money

Since having an actual security guard on the premises means that there is a human on the job, you are going to have to pay more money initially than if you go without. When you don't have a very secure system, thefts and vandalism are more likely to occur, which accrue some big bills. Relying on security systems alone can get you some footage, but by the time you see the tapes, the responsible parties are going to be long gone with little evidence to who they are. If you have chosen to hire an in-house person to monitor your business, you have to put in the time to train them and then do it again when they leave. A security company trains their employees and can always have someone at your business when you need them.

2. Help with Customers

Security guards are available more often than just at night; having one on the premises during operating hours can also be very helpful. A security guard on location can help deal with unruly customers, deter thefts before they happen, and even escort employees to their cars if they are feeling unsafe. The value of a security guard is especially obvious if you have ever had to call the police during one of these situations. Depending on the size of your city, it can take a while for police to answer a call. A guard can respond immediately while someone else calls the police, if the need arises.

3. Share the Responsibility

Security guards do not always have to be on patrol, walking around the business. It is helpful to have a person watching the security cameras rather than relying on the footage to go back and review if something happens. Not only are they keeping an eye on things, but it can bring peace of mind to your employees too, because they spend less time worrying about their safety or protecting inventory and more time doing productive work.

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